Who are One to One?

In 1971 a group of women in the UK formed the 35’s to campaign for persecuted Soviet Jews who had been forbidden to leave the USSR. Political lobbying had proved effective but more was required to secure the safety and future of Russian Refuseniks.

The Jewish Aid Committee was established to channel medicines, books and educational materials into the Soviet Union. They also sent western visitors to meet persecuted individuals to help guarantee their safety. When the floodgates opened thousands of Soviet Jews left for Israel, but unfortunately inadequate financial assistance and unemployment faced many of them on arrival.

To help support families, on a one-to-one basis until they could survive alone, the Jewish Aid Committee and the refusenik organisation formed One to One. Demand for assistance was so great that One to One set up the first fund raising treks in 1994. Since then One to One has arranged exciting and challenging treks for over 1000 people in places of outstanding natural beauty in countries all over the world, raising in excess of 2 million pounds.

One to One continues to help and support the thousands in need in Israel through their numerous projects.