How we raise money

One to One recognises the enormous contribution our long-standing supporters and benefactors make to our work. A number of committed donors have been supporting individual families in Israel for some years and will continue to do so for as long as that support is required. We are always seeking more individuals and communities willing and able to help disadvantaged families in Israel on an on-going basis.

One to One also raises funds through:-

  • Sponsored Treks
  • Sponsored Bike Rides
  • Charity Film Screenings
  • On-line Auction

Thank you for your support!

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Where the Money Goes

One to One believe that children deserve a childhood filled with comfort, security and hope.

Your donations, legacies and sponsorship money from treks in the Middle East enable One to One to build a relationship of mutual trust with local communities and to invest the time, skills and careful funding that will make the most positive difference to the quality of children’s lives.

One to One aims to continue funding projects to help disadvantaged childrem from the Jewish, Muslim, Christian and Druze communities and to identify further projects where it can make a real difference to these children’s lives and create the chance for a peaceful future.

The One to One Project supports:


Letters of Thanks

To the wonderful ladies of the One to One. I have been an invalid now for the past 18 months and am very much in need of financial assistances. But owing to the help I have received from you, I am able to continue with the treatment that I need.Thank you ever so much for your concern and your understanding attitude.


We are writing to show our sincere gratitude to One to One for all the help and concern that you have extended to us and are endeavouring to extend not only to people like us but to all ‘Olim’.

We want to express our warmest thanks for your altruistic labours. With all our heart we wish you to enjoy the best of health so as to continue to help other people who are in so much need.