…of just a few of the people we have helped


Afeldman 12 year old little girl is in desperate need of a special orthopaedic corset (approx. cost £415) as she has a serious spinal problem. The family have only been in Israel for 18 months and her father is currently unemployed. Her mother earns a little cleaning houses. The family are totally unable to afford the cost of the corset.


gavrilovA father is suffering from cancer and is very unwell. His wife is also not in good health and has had to stop working. Their younger son has had his national service deferred so that he can care for his parents while his elder brother is in the army. The family are coping as best they can but are finding it impossible to afford all the medication and special food required for their father.


ikhaevA father of nine children, aged between one and nine, was injured last year in a road accident and is now partially disabled. As a result of this he is finding it hard to find employment. The family are desperately poor and sleep on the floor as they do not have even basic furniture or equipment.




patarkatsishviA divorced mother of two daughters, aged 18 and 16, was sacked from her job in a factory, as she often had to leave work to care for her daughters. She now suffers from severe depression and has twice attempted to commit suicide. The family are in great need of financial help.



SinevA couple came to Israel in April1999 with their triplet sons aged 9 years. The father had to return to Russia on business in October and while there he was attacked and so badly beaten that he is still in hospital there. His wife is working as a waitress but is finding it very difficult to provide adequately for her sons. She will be unable to find better employment until she speaks Hebrew fluently and can work more hours.



NisanovA mother of three is now divorced after being seriously physically abused by her husband and on occasions her parents-in-law. She spent some time in shelters for battered women and now lives with her daughter and two sons, both of whom are unwell. She has accumulated debts while she was unable to work and is in desperate need of assistance.


Shoval and Shahar Shemesh, two little girls aged 7 and 3, were orphaned on 11th March 2002, when a suicide bomber blew himself up in King George Street, in the centre of Jerusalem. Their mother, Tzipi, aged 29, was five months pregnant and she and their father, Gadi, aged 34, were on their way home after attending the clinic for her 20 weeks scan. They were killed instsnatly.


Sarit was killed on 20th September 2001, when an armed terrorist fired on her car at point blank range. Her husband, Shai, sustained life threatening injuries and, having survived intensive care, needs ongoing daily hospital treatment. He is responsible for three children aged 3 months to four years but cannot work or cope with their emotional needs.