Cycling Clubs for At Risk Children

One to One Israel believes that the after school bike clubs can help to prevent children from becoming involved in deviant activities, and can offer them the opportunity to become involved in a new interest and hobby.


The Project

Cycling gives children at risk new skills

Children generally finish school by 2pm in Israel, which leaves a long afternoon to be filled with extra-curricular activities – providing parents are able to pay for them. Disadvantaged children from low socio-economic backgrounds are often left to their own devices without parental supervision, however, and some may turn towards negative behaviour.

More than ten years ago, One to One launched its first cycling club in Netanya. Today there are nine clubs which provide an after school activity for more than 200 children from some of the most disadvantaged communities in Israel.

All training takes place off-road and cross-country, not in the confines of a stadium and away from the children’s normal environment. This is a very important part of the design of the programme, which aims to give these children the chance to experience another world, and to be given the opportunity to excel in a sport.

Our partners from local schools and welfare departments identify the children who will most benefit from the programme. One to One cycling clubs provide the children with a set of skills to help them not only to get the best from their mountain bikes, but also to give advice on general fitness and team building through regular meetings and to promote a sense of self-discipline, self-reliance, and self-esteem.

One to One Beit Shemesh kids, learn English while they ride


Yellow-jerseyed riders from One to One's Beit Shemesh cycling club on the winners' podium after the Beeri bike ride.

Beeri_Marathon-354 for web Yellow-jerseyed riders from One to One’s Beit Shemesh cycling club on the winners’ podium after the
Beeri bike ride.

 Children in the One to One’s Beit Shemesh cycling club participated in recent Beeri bike rides through southern Israel regularly.

 As part of the selection process for international events, potential participants are interviewed and need to demonstrate a good knowledge of English. Teachers at the children’s schools have noticed that pupils who belong to the cycling club are concentrating extra hard in their English classes, and there is even an increased demand for extra lessons. Clearly, bike riding has encouraged both physical and mental exertion at the Beit Shemesh One to One cycling club!

 Recently, the Ein Vered group went on a 2-day trip when they rode down to the south and camped out overnight. Other such trips are planned to take place during the coming months. They continue with their usual rides, once a week.

Our latest addition is the NEVE HADASSAH CYCLING GROUP for girls. Ths is a new cycling group for girls only which was established in January, 2016.

The girls all board at Neveh Hadassah, which is home to 310 boys and girls aged from 11 to 18, from all over Israel, as well as from the former Soviet Union, Ethiopia, Latin America and France.
The younger children are being taught in the Village itself, while the older students are taken daily to suitable neighbourhood high schools.
All children at the boarding school come from disadvantaged family backgrounds. They suffer from adjustment issues, learning difficulties and economic hardship. Many of the children demand extra-special care and support.
The main objective of this programme is to give the girls an after-school social and physical activity which will challenge them.
We’re also planning several day trips, so that the girls will get a wider knowledge of Israel.
We are aiming to establish a solid cycling group that, by next year, will be participating in the mountain bike school league competitions.
As the head master himself is a sport fan and he really wants this all-girls group to be a success, we have high hopes for this cycling group.