Immigrants from the former Soviet Union, Argentina, Ethiopia and Eastern Europe

20 years ago the Israel branch of the 35’s was formed. Its sole purpose was to support new Olim from the former Soviet Union integrate into their new society and adapt to new lives. For many years help was given to severely disadvantaged families; immigrants unable to establish themselves because of illness and disability, the unemployed and those struggling to survive on the poverty line.

Now, although the Israel 35’s are no longer operating, the links established with needy families and the support and funding provided is continuing through a number of voluntary organisations across Israel. Immigrants have been continuing to arrive from the former Soviet Union, and also from Ethiopia, Argentina and Eastern Europe.

In recent years the demands on the state health and welfare system have been even more severely stretched. Terrorist activities have damaged the economy, the tourist industry and the many jobs it provides, and caused an increase in the need for disability, medical and financial support for those injured and traumatised in attacks.

Over 15 years ago One to One made a commitment to work alongside the Israel 35’s and other voluntary organisations in Israel to provide funds for families in need for as long as that help is required.

One to One treks in Israel have raised over £2,000,000 to help to maintain the long term financing of individual immigrant families and Israelis struggling to make sense of the destruction of their livelihoods and loved ones.