Kit List

Night Bag – kit sports bag to be carried by jeeps and made available to you each evening

Sleeping bag (foam mat provided)

Ground sheet for under sleeping bag (optional)

Glow sticks (optional – for those sleeping out to mark their spot when dark!!)

Pillow (optional)
1 pair trainers

6 pairs of thick natural fibre walking socks


5 T-shirts (provided by One to One)

Extra T-shirts (as necessary)


2 towels

Plastic bags to carry damp items

Basic personal washing kit (including a few facecloths/flannels)

Small (if possible collapsible) wash bowl

Tin mug

1 torch and batteries

Head torch

Walking boots – lightweight with good ankle support – must be worn in

Gloves (gardening gloves if you want to protect your hands while trekking!)

Telescopic walking stick (optional)



Ear plugs (the person next to you may snore!)

Travel alarm clock

Copy of passport

1 set of warm clothes for evenings i.e. thermal underwear and socks, long sleeved shirt, pair of jeans, showerproof windcheater jacket, woollen hat, sweater, gloves (optional) and track suit to sleep in.

Day Bag – small rucksack or bum bag with water bottle carrier

2 water bottles


1 roll of toilet paper

1 box of moist toilet wipes

Basic First Aid kit

Sunscreen (minimum factor 15)

Insect repellent

Camera and films

Sweets/energy snacks

N.B. Your favourite tipple!

Pack as lightly as possible. This list is not exhaustive and also some items may not be required during the trip, but it is better to have them than not!